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Unsolicited manuscripts are welcome for consideration for the fall, winter, and spring issues. Articles for the themed Summer Yearbook issues are generally by invitation. Most manuscripts are peer-reviewed for significance and soundness via double-blind peer review by scholars in the respective subject areas. Authors will be notified of acceptance, rejection, or the need for revision usually within 10-12 weeks. Manuscripts are accepted with the understanding that they have not been accepted for publication or published elsewhere. Every attempt is made to publish manuscripts within one volume year of acceptance. Accepted manuscripts are copy-edited to improve the effectiveness of communication, and authors receive queries and/or marked manuscripts or proofs via e-mail for review before publication.

Manuscript Presentation Guidelines

Authors should submit an original manuscript and its accompanying abstract with keywords (75-100 words for review or theoretical articles; 100-120 words for empirical research articles). To facilitate blind review, remove author identification before uploading into the online system. Please indicate your e-mail address in your cover letter. Upload your manuscript to Upon acceptance, an updated version of your manuscript and a signed copyright transfer form will be requested.


Manuscripts should be prepared double-spaced. Generally, the length should not exceed 25 double-spaced pages, including the reference list, tables, and figures. Please indicate if your manuscript is a commentary, editorial, or literature review if it is under the 25page limit. Manuscripts should conform to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th edition, 2020) regarding matters of style, formatting, and organization. Research reports should contain the following information as appropriate: introduction, background literature, purpose, procedure/s (or methodology), results or findings, discussion, and conclusion. Footnotes and endnotes should not be used anywhere in the manuscript. Include all explanatory notes within the text and any credits to others at the end of the manuscript.


Complete publication or reference information must be provided by the author/s for all citations, and the references should be prepared in APA style. To ensure the accuracy of your citations and references, please verify sources, especially electronic media. Citations in the text of the manuscript must be consistent with those in the reference.

Tables and Figures

Tabular matter should be kept to a maximum of 4 tables. There should be no more than two figures (e.g., drawings, diagrams, and graphs), which should be two-dimensional, grayscale, and camera-ready for printing. Indicate approximate placement of tables and figures within text. Tables and figures should be placed on separate pages and located at the end of the manuscript. Tables and figures should be original documents and not copied or downloaded images from the Internet.


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